jueves, 12 de noviembre de 2009

300 Million users in facebook

Es surprising the amount of users of this social network and this in growth. The cause of the boom of growth and users of these sites is due to a reason: the man is a social being.This assertion although it seems obvious has its difficulty.The desire for fame and immortality of men are attached to the survival instinct, that is like the animals we have the same impulses that keeps us alert to any threat, but while the animals which are mostly also e moving in a group , man needs the recognition of the other , osea he did not know reaches that shared life with his fellow but want to be somehow important in the existence. The feelings of affection and devotion are the most precious longing of humanity that many times is unable to prove and do know and up to feel.a site free of the web, which of course in the current times internet is each get more massive and accessible, where we can show our lives, our tastes our photos of happy moments and above with a click agree and we think of the lives of others: it's really brilliant.The social networks of internet we grouped , we entertain and we are kept in contact with other people virtually, make us interact with our friends in the network and all of this FREE.There that we now see if we now have so many friends in real life, There are fixed if we have the ability to speak of the same way in person, if we can decide that really likes or dislikes us.We should think that we like show both and hide many basic things in daily life or why i have so many cyber friends and I start the talks chat i with a hi how are you? Or in different languages, or because i step the day want me to  show.In a point is well expressed with modern mechanisms that attract each time the youth but is really frightening the number of members that these networks are raising.EVERYTHING HAS A LIMIT AND THE EXESOS ARE BAD, not like to think that FACEBOOK IS AN INVENTION TO DEVELOP THE MASSIVE ATOMISM THROUGHOUT THE WORLD FOR WHICH WE DEPENDENT ON INTERNET FANS OF CONSUMERISM (THIS IS FINANCED BY THE ADVERTISING) AND EACH GET MORE HERMITS. SOLITARY AND LONELY OR WORSE UNABLE TO INTERACT WITH THE NEXT.This DEMONSTRATED THAT THE YOUTH THIS EACH SEE MORE CLOSED AND INCAPABLE OF

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