domingo, 1 de enero de 2012

The first night of the 2012

After a devastating year, the night of the 1º of January of the 2012, I went to my roof to observe like the sun falls, as tour the land and the light yields before the darkness. I saw as the first stars of the year appeared and remain me to contemplate the stillness and the silence. I saw me stopped meditating about the usual but this you see with another hope… that of a new beginning. Personally I need a little peace, in a few seconds in my mind, I saw to pass all my life, me I told obviously as everyone… ¡Like passes the time! ... The things are thus of simple one does those balances. Before the immensity and the infinity of the sky, I felt alone, and negligible, so small with all my doubts… the existential, those of always and the new. If I am writing this is because I should be done what, I plant me in my interior, I discover me, I observe me and themselves that from today in my life, everything that cause is going to be crucial to achieve what I want, these last years marked me and they forged me. In the scale I have a pile of things, things in favor, things against, virtues, defects, pretty things that passed me, horrible things, problems, disadvantages, successes and errors, I could compare all that, while looked at the sky of January. Never it had done before, neither had seen what I saw in that iridescent sky of January, i wish you that you have favorable to achieve what I want. Equal I consider, that of all form, go you badly or well in the life, this type of meditation and thoughts of the innermost thoughts but deep of your being I expect this be a good year for all.

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